Last update: 2021-10-06

This policy describes how Truxweb Inc. (“Truxweb”, “we“, “us“) collects, processes, and uses information and data about users of the Truxweb’s website and mobile application (together the “Platform”). The use of the second person ("you", "your", "yours") refers to a user of the Platform or our client, depending on the context.

The contact details of the person responsible for data processing under this policy are as follows:

Truxweb Inc.
400 Montfort St.
H3C 4J9

  1. . Our Processing of Personal Data
  2. In this policy, the term “Personal Data” refers to any information that relates to an identified or identifiable living individual. To provide our services and allow you to use the Platform, we must collect and process some Personal Data. Our processing is based upon the following principles:

    • We must process some Personal Data in order to provide you with services;
    • We process Personal Data on behalf of our clients and pursuant to their instructions. In most cases, our client is your employer, which will be better suited than us to address your concerns about the processing of your Personal Data through the Platform;
    • We process Personal Data for the purpose of our legitimate commercial interests and that of our clients, when such processing is not likely to infringe on fundamental rights or to cause significant harm to individuals.

  3. . Collected Personal Data
  4. We collect and process the data described below in accordance with this policy.

    1. Data collected from the User
    2. We collect information that users provide to us voluntarily through the interface of the Platform (for example, by completing a form) or otherwise. This information may also be provided by a third party such as your employer.

      This information may include the following:

      Data Category

      Purpose of processing

      • Name and surname;
      • Physical address;
      • Email address
      • Phone number;
      • Gender;
      • Occupation;

      This data serves when you sign up for, purchase or use the Platform services, consult with our customer service team, send us an email, post on our blog, set up free trial and communicate with us in any way.

      This data serves to communicate with you, such as to provide quotes to you, bill and collect money owed to us, to send you system alert messages (ex: planned outages, new features, version updates, releases, abuse warnings and changes to our privacy policy), to communicate with our users about their account and provide customer support, and to improve our services, audit and analyze data to improve the Platform and our services.

      With regard to our clients:

      • Credit card information and banking account information;

      Invoicing and payment.

      We use third parties for secure credit card transaction processing, and we send billing information to those third parties to process your orders and credit card payments. Whenever possible, credit card information (or information for other payment types) is collected by a trusted payment processor partner, and not collected by us.

      Any information you provide us through the Platform, by email or by phone.

      This data is used to better understand how you use the Platform and to answer your questions, if any.

      Analytics data which may include:

      • The operating system of your device;
      • The language of your device;
      • The IP address from which your device accesses the Platform;
      • Browsing and clickthrough data such as the number of connections to the Platform, the duration of a session, the date of connections to the Platform, the functions used;
      • Web page from which you accessed the Platform;

      Analytics data is collected through the Google Analytics service for the purpose of improving the Platform.

    3. Data collected automatically
    4. We automatically collect certain information during your use of the Platform. This data may be recorded each time you interact with the Platform and includes:

      Data Category

      Purpose of processing

      Your computer’s IP address;

      Your browser’s and operating system’s configuration;

      Your mobile device’s configuration when you access the Platform from a mobile device;

      This data is used to personalize your experience on the Platform, for example by loading an interface with a specific language or with certain highlighted features.

      Data about your use of the Platform, such as pages viewed, use of features, time spent on pages, events recorded;

      We use this data to analyze user behavior on the Platform and improve our services.

      We use this data to provide our clients with information about the use of the Platform by their employees.

    5. Data collected from the User
    6. When you access the Platform, we collect data from analytics tools such as Google Analytics. This data may include, for example, gender, age, interests. This data is not associated with you personally and is transmitted to us in aggregate form. You can deactivate Google Analytics on your browser through an add-on available at this address:

    7. Data from social networks
    8. We collect information from social networking sites or applications (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) when you interact with profiles that we operate on these social networking sites or applications. These sites or applications are also governed by their own policies relating to your personal data, which may differ from ours and may be applicable.

    9. Tracking technology
    10. We and our service providers may use cookies and other tracking technologies, such as pixels and web beacons, in order to improve the performance of the Platform and your experience, analyze trends, administer the website, track users' movements around the website, serve targeted advertisements, and gather demographic information about our user base as a whole. Cookies are small files stored on your hard drive by the server on which the Platform is located that allow us to recognize you and customize content when you use the Platform. Certain cookies are automatically erased when you close your browser (session cookies) while others are stored indefinitely (permanent cookies). If you prefer not to have cookies recorded on your device, you must disable cookies in your browser settings. Some features of the Platform may be entirely or partially disabled if cookies are disabled.

      You can control the use of cookies at the individual browser level. We use service providers that partner with third parties to display advertising on our Platform or to manage and serve our advertising on other sites. Our third-party partners may use cookies or similar tracking technologies in order to provide you advertising or other content based upon your browsing activities and interests. If you wish to opt out of interest-based advertising, click Please note that restricting cookie access does not mean you will stop receiving ads, but it does mean that these ads would be generic ads (i.e.: not based on your browsing history).

  5. . Purpose of Processing
  6. We use collected Personal Data as set forth in the table above.

    1. Our role as a service provider
    2. As part of our services, we process Personal Data on behalf or our clients for purposes determined by them. To learn more about our processing of Personal Data based on instructions from our clients, you must contact our client (generally your employer) directly.

    3. Legitimate commercial interests
    4. We process collected Personal Data for the purpose of our legitimate interests and that of our clients, including to improve the Platform and to prevent fraud by analyzing user behavior. We value your privacy. Except in response to specific instructions from our client, our processing of Personal Data never involves the monitoring or targeting of a specific individual nor the disclosure of Personal Data about a specific individual.

    5. Contacting You
    6. We use the Personal Data you provided us (for example your name and email address) to contact you about your use of the Platform, but only if you have provided such data and if you agree to receive communications from us. We abide by applicable regulations with respect to unwanted electronic communications. If you no longer wish to receive electronic communications from us, you can notify us at any time at the e-mail address provided at the beginning of this policy.

    7. Platform Maintenance
    8. We use data collected through the Platform and data collected from analytics tools to monitor usage of the Platform generally, to prevent misuse of the Platform, to identify problems or bugs in the Platform and to determine which features we should improve.

  7. . Storage and Security
  8. We store the collected Personal Data until our client asks us to destroy it or until our activities no longer require it to be stored. However, we do not make any commitment to store collected Personal Data for a specific period.

    Collected Personal Data is stored electronically on servers operated by our hosting provider, Amazon AWS. Data is stored on servers located in Canada.

    Our employees are informed of the confidential nature of Personal Data and undertake necessary training to handle such Personal Data in accordance with this policy.

    Collected Personal Data about individuals outside Canada and the United States may be transferred to Canada or the United States.

    Certain data relating to the use of the Platform and payments are processed by our service providers through facilities that may be located in jurisdictions other than Canada.

    Data generated from Google Analytics is stored on servers controlled by Google.

  9. . Disclosure of Personal Data
  10. We only disclose your Personal Data in accordance with this policy or if we have your consent. Your Personal Data could be disclosed to the categories of recipients listed below for the purposes described.

    1. Your Employer
    2. Your employer may access Personal Data recorded on the Platform. Some Personal Data may be shared within your organization as determined by your employer or administrative users, as the case may be. The Platform allows the export of customer data, which could contain Personal Data.

    3. Service Providers
    4. We share some Personal Data with our service providers in order to better offer our services. Our service providers agree in writing to keep Personal Data confidential and to use same solely to provide us with their services. Personal Data under the control of our clients is not shared with our service providers without the client’s consent.

      Currently, we share Personal Data with the following service providers. Service providers are subject to change at our discretion.



      Useful Links

      Google (Google, LLC)

      We use the services of Google Maps and Google Analytics on the Platform. We use Google's services in order to analyze usage of the Platform and to personalize our advertising campaigns according to Platform traffic. We use Google Maps to display digital maps and to calculate the distance between different addresses. Google Analytics obtains information about the behavior of users of the Platform, including through "cookies" which allow Google to collect information about certain events such as the pages you visit, the length of a session or the products you view. The data processed by Google Analytics through the Platform allows us to personalize advertising campaigns on the Google advertising network according to these behaviors.

      Google Privacy Policy: Google's use of data from third-party Deactivation tool:

      AWS (Amazon Web Services, Inc.)

      We use the services of AWS to host collected Personal Data. AWS uses industry-standard measures to ensure that our data and your Personal Data is kept secure.

      AWS Privacy Policy:

      Bambora (Bambora Inc.)

      We use the services of Bambora to process payments on the Platform. Bambora receives the necessary information for payment by credit card.

      Bambora Privacy Policy:

      Elavon, Inc

      We use the services of Elavonto process payment on the Platform.

      Elavon Privacy Policy:

      HubSpot, Inc.

      We use the services of Hubspot for advertising services.

      Hubspot Privacy Policy:

      MailChimp (The Rocket Science Group LLC d/b/a MailChimp)

      We use the services of MailChimp to record each subscriber’s email address, IP address, date, and time associated with each open and click for a campaign. We use this data to create reports for our marketing team to learn about how an email campaign performed and what actions subscribers took.

      MailChimp Privacy Policy:

      Marsh Ltd (d.b.a. Marsh Cargo)

      We use the services of Marsh to provide you with different insurance solutions.

      Marsh Privacy Policy

      Project 44, Inc. (d.b.a. project44)

      We use the services of project44 to track the carrier’s vehicles.

      project44 Privacy Policy:

      RMIS – Registry Monitoring Insurance Services

      We use the services of RMIS to carry out a vetted compliance check (due diligence) of all carriers that are listed and operate on the Platform.

      RMIS Privacy Policy:


      We use the services of Breezy.HR to post and receive applications for hiring, testimonials and career opportunity

      Breezy Privacy Policy:

    5. Clients
    6. We share data in an aggregated form which does not identify specific individuals with clients and potential clients for marketing purposes. This data includes statistics about the Platform users and their behavior while using the Platform.

    7. Legal Obligations
    8. We could disclose Personal Data if such disclosure is expressly authorized by law or pursuant to an order by a competent authority. We may disclose Personal Data in the context of judicial proceedings if necessary to protect our rights or that of our users.

    9. Sale of Business
    10. In the event that the sale or restructuring of the business operated by Truxweb to a third party not controlled by Truxweb is envisioned (a "Transaction"), we may not disclose collected Personal Data to the individuals or organizations involved before and after the Transaction, whether the Transaction is finalized or not, without the written authorization of your employer or your client, as the case may be, who has granted you the right to use this Platform. If such authorization is obtained, these individuals or organizations shall make a commitment to us to maintain the confidentiality of the disclosed Personal Data and to use it exclusively to assess the feasibility or desirability of the Transaction, or in accordance with this policy.

  11. . Your Rights
    1. Access to Personal Data
    2. You can access some Personal Data you provided us by accessing your user account on the Platform. You may also request access to Personal Data that we hold about you in writing at the e-mail address or postal address indicated at the beginning of this policy. To access or modify some Personal Data recorded using the Platform, you must contact your employer directly.

      We will respond to your written request within 30 days of its receipt. We will allow you reasonable access to your Personal Data contained in our records in accordance with applicable law. We may direct you to your employer in cases where your Personal Data is kept and processed by Truxweb on behalf of your employer.

    3. Withdrawal of Consent
    4. You may withdraw your consent to the processing of some Personal Data, where such processing is based on your consent. If your consent is provided through your employer, you must contact your employer directly to withdraw your consent.

      If you wish to withdraw your consent to the processing of Personal Data over and above what is possible through the Platform interface or your device settings, you may notify us in writing at the e-mail address indicated at the beginning of this policy. The only way to stop all processing of your Personal Data is to stop using the Platform entirely.

    5. Complaints
    6. This policy is governed by the laws and regulations in force in Canada and the Canadian authorities shall be exclusively competent to hear complaints based on this policy or regarding the processing of your Personal Data by Truxweb.

    7. Identity Verification
    8. We may verify the identity of a person who wishes to access Personal Data. Information provided to verify identity will not be used for other purposes.

    9. Amendment of Policy
    10. This policy may be amended to reflect changes in our Personal Data processing practices. If an amendment is made, the new policy will be available using the Platform and on our website.

      We will notify you of any material changes in this policy by email prior to the effective policy change. Any notice will be sent to the email address you provided in the Platform or posted directly on the Platform.

    11. Additional information
    12. For additional information on how we handle User Data, including confidential information and Personal Data, you may contact us using contact information provided at the beginning of this policy.